Manu Atelier Micro Chain Strap Pristine handbag
The Shop at Bluebird, Manu Atelier Collection, Bags
The Shop at Bluebird, Manu Atelier Collection, Bags

Tell us about one of your favourite pieces from the new collection.

The Micro Pristine is one of our favourite pieces. It's the most compact version of the Pristine bag family and comes in contrasting rich colours of vegetable-tanned leather and a beautiful gold chain strap.

What does the perfect handbag mean to you?

The ingredients of the perfect bag are combinations of quality leather, stitching and hardware. The leather is the most important factor and needs to be made from the highest quality to last a lifetime and the finer details such as hardware and stitching are the finishing touches. For us, every woman needs a compact, classic leather shoulder bag in smooth leather which will be a timeless piece in her wardrobe, season after season.

What makes Manu Atelier bags so special in comparison to other designer bags in today’s market?

We offer a real story behind every piece. Each piece is created with extreme attention to detail and is shaped with a perfectionism that can only be carried out by the hands and eyes of our artisans who have been creating leather goods for decades, passing on the talent from generation to generation. We offer craftsmanship with the highest quality materials, innovative designs, contemporary functionality and a commitment to creating luxury goods at an affordable price point.

Why did you choose to work with The Shop at Bluebird?

The Shop at Bluebird became one of our favourite stores when we visited London for the first time. We felt an emotional bond with the store and couldn’t stop visiting. We both love space and the interior décor. It feels like a perfect fit for our brand.

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